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World atlas

Ціна: 12 300 грн. за шт
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A fully revised - with 4,000 place name changes - 12th edition of this major
world atlas in the authoritative and prestigious Times range - all the impressiveness
of the comprehensive atlas in a sleeker volume.
Whether planning a vacation, keeping in touch with world news, solving
crosswords, or just exploring the world, this completely updated atlas has all the
necessary information. An amazingly detailed view of the world is provided by
260 pages of mapping, and the illustrated thematic content covers the most
important geographical issues of the day. The reference mapping has been
completely revised with thousands of changes reflecting recent geopolitical and
geographical changes around the world. The 26 new World Heritage sites added in
July 2012, such as the Landscape of Prе in Canada, Western Ghats in India, and
the site of Xanadu in China, are all represented here. Other updates include the
addition of Queen Elizabeth Land in Antarctica; new administrative divisions in
India, Bangladesh, Chad, and Finland; the largest cities sizes based on latest UN
figures; updated English place name forms for countries such as South Korea,
Taiwan, and Georgia; and the realigned International Date Line around Samoa.
The index contains more than 130,000 place names, fully cross-referenced with
alternative and former names.
The “Bradel” handmade binding is made from a combination of natural
leather (“Robbat cognac” leather, “Robbat nero” leather produced by the Italian
factory “Carisma”). The book cover is two-level, decorated with embossed gold
embossing using Luxor 240 foil, decorated with leather twine. The edge of the
block is manually polished and gilded.
Certificate. Velvet cover.
ISBN PFL21121216
Обкладинка Твердий
Вага 3.24
Кількість сторінок 448
Ширина 275
Висота 370
Рік видання 2019
Дата останнього тиражу 16.03.2018
Мова Англійська
Видавництво Эталон
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